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This website has a single purpose in mind - to give out incredible dating tips for WOMEN and relationship advice from the greatest dating advisors on the internet.  This site is different than most because I focus on ONLY dating tips for women - this includes relationship help, meeting men, keeping men, whatever you need.  Coming VERY soon to this site, as well, is going to be a way for you to get your SPECIFIC DATING ADVICE QUESTIONS answered by our on site relationship expert.  No more "we'll see if we can answer your questions in a newsletter" - you ask, you WILL get an answer.  How's that sound?

Now on to the dating tips for women....

Catch Him & Keep HimOne of the first dating coaches I ever heard was Christian Carter of Catch Him and Keep Him. Christian Carter is a great (and totally HOT) dating coach - but he is one of many coming to this site. Check back often, as I will constantly be adding new content to the site and more great dating tips, dating advice and relationship advice exclusively for women. Christian can also help you out with ONLINE DATING as well, giving you tons of tips on writing profiles, how to get a guy’s attention and more.

Never heard of Christian Carter? Step inside and learn. Know all about Christian and his Catch Him and Keep Him philosophy? Excellent. Come on in and learn a few more can’t miss tips exclusively for women. Just looking for the eBook?  Simply click on the picture.

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Have The Relationship You Want eBook As my Mom always told me though, don’t put all your eggs in one basket! I have gathered a lot of advice from other sources as well and one of my favorites is...


One of the hottest women on the internet right now in the dating and relationship advice “world” is Coach Rori Raye (formerly Rori Gwynne”. Author of How to Have the Relationship You Want and Keyonote speaker in Christian Carter’s interview series and other programs, Rori’s unique brand of advice for women is truly worthwhile. If you are looking for more RELATIONSHIP ADVICE then Rori is your woman - she can really help you rebuild your existing relationship into the relationship you want it to be.

In Rori’s eBook, she shares with the reader tools and techniques work no matter where you are in your love life. Several of the things she teaches are how to quickly learn to speak so a man can hear, and listen so he'll speak (that alone will transform your love life); how the "Energy Exchange" between men and women works differently than we're taught by everyone else out there, and see for yourself, from the first time you try her Tools, how fast they work. You will learn essential keys to a successful relationship - and so much more.

It's almost a shock when men begin to respond to you in a completely different way. Even more so when your friends start to notice how much happier you are, how you have joy in every day things - the kind they have always wished they could have. So check out Rori’s eBook now, or my section on Rori Raye's advice and start today to build the relationship you have always dreamed you could have.


Don't Just Find Any Man. Find The Man Of Your Dreams...Online OR Offline."

Learn how to CLICK WITH HIM—by Emily McKay.

Online dating can be a trial for ANY woman, especially if you are not familiar with how to navigate, post a profile or even overcome your own fears and anxiety. Having the RIGHT ATTITUDE will allow you to not only be successful with dating (online and offline), but will also allow you to open up and find the MAN of YOUR dreams.

You accomplish this by LEARNING to communicate that you are a SEXY, ALLURING WOMAN without inviting the wrong guys to send you creepy messages.

Don’t waste your time—time is precious! You can avoid wasting all that time attracting the wrong kind of man. Instead, learn the KEYS to attracting Mr Right, from the first contact to the first date to maintaining attraction and your relationship. YOU can learn how to Click With Him!

Here is a great article by Emily called ...

Pick Me! Pick Me!

--Emily McKay (X & Y Communications)


IN THIS EDITION: As women what do we do with a man who is interested in us and another woman? And how do we get a guy to pick us over her? Find out in this newsletter.


Dear Emily,

Thank you so much for your newsletters! I have a question... I am dating this guy who is dating me and another girl, how do I know if he is really interested in me? How can I make him more interested in me than the other girl? He is such an amazing catch but is it silly for me to wait around for him to decide what he wants? HELP!



Dear Dana,

I am happy that you wrote me. Your question on how to get your guy to pick you is one that many women are facing.

When you first meet a guy, he may be seeing other women at the time. After the two of you get to know each other, at some point he will have to decide to continue dating multiple women or become exclusive with you.

That's a given.

If you are looking for a life partner rather than just a series of casual flings, then you are very wise not to be willing to "wait around" should he prove not to have similar goals as you.

It's a great idea to spend the first few dates evaluating a man's long-term potential (as he no doubt is evaluating yours also).

But once you feel you have found a man with whom you'd like to pursue something more long-term, you need to communicate your expectations of an exclusive relationship to him effectively.

It's completely fair to tell him that you won't wait around forever. I stop short at recommending that you deliver an ultimatum, though. Why?

Although many women would be tempted to say to a man they've been seeing for a few weeks or months, "Make me your girlfriend or else!", I believe that such ultimatums only serve to place you in a position of weakness. It really makes a woman look "desperate".

Your idea of giving him every reason--and opportunity--to choose you on his own is a much better idea than using "leverage tactics".

As far as *how* to make him choose you, that will depend on how well matched you are and how well you demonstrate to him that you are a rare, high quality woman that he would be foolish to let slip by

Most men have no problems committing to a women whom they believe is a great catch. As long as you have worked on making yourself that woman, then you should never settle for a man who does not appreciate that rare opportunity to be with someone like you.

Handle yourself with feminine grace, and show class at all times.

Show yourself to be a trustworthy woman who will not be forever "testing" him by flirting with other guys--especially right there in front of him. This is a major cause of boyfriends being unsure of committing to a woman...and rightly so.

Strangely though, men will almost never cite this fact as the reason why for fear of either appearing weak and/or starting an "unnecessary" argument.

Instead, they'll tend to simply keep the status quo...especially if the sex is good and the pressure is otherwise low.

Finally, realize that a man wants a woman who approves of him and is his greatest cheerleader when it comes to rooting for him to fulfill his life's purpose.

Women who can put aside the temptation to try to change a man (and Heaven forbid nag him to death about it) are exactly the ones who tend to attract a great man who is worthy of our respect.

And the beauty of that is you don't *have* to change a guy like that.  You can be proud to have him in your life.

I wish you the best in your life.

Have fun,



I think just about every one of us has walked in Dana's shoes before.

Being the kind of woman who a truly terrific man chooses over all others changes your life. Instead of dating a string of "commitment phobic" men, you suddenly have men wanting to marry you rather soon after you meet them...maybe even after the first or second date!

Although I hope you aren't the type who would make a hasty decision and run off to Vegas with a guy you just met, these are indeed what we call "high quality problems" here at X & Y Communications.

And that's precisely what my new program Click With Him is devoted to.

One of the biggest reasons I've worked so hard to make Click With Him great is because my passion is to watch YOU become a woman who has complete control over her dating life...eventually meeting an amazing man who lights up your life and sharing a blissful future with him.

So far it includes over TWELVE HOURS of audio AND video on how to maximize high-quality womanhood so you can meet--and attract--the kind of man you want...without ever "settling".

Best of all, I show you exactly how you can even meet a great man ONLINE, like I did. I've even developed a 30-day plan for doing just that.

But whether you are online or not, I've stuck to my vision for making Click With Him the ultimate program for women who will settle for nothing less than deserving the greatest man they've ever met.

Is that you?

If so, then I'm sure you'll be thrilled by Click With Him.

Have Fun,



Emily McKay is a dating coach and Internet radio talk show host with X & Y Communications. Her latest program, Click With Him, empowers women to find and attract the right man, online OR offline. It can be found at For free podcasts and other cool dating resources visit


Ladies, for additional dating resources and tips on how to meet and keep that man, be sure to check out some of these great dating articles. Dr. Dating is one of the Internet’s premier dating and online dating websites, offering its visitors a wealth of information about the ins and outs of dating and relationships. New articles are added daily from one of their several dating and relationship experts. They also have an extensive review of online dating sites to ensure that when you sign up to a dating room, you are not only joining a reputable dating site with real members but one that Dr. Dating recommends personally.


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