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Finding Love Online - How to Click With Him

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Click With Him by Emily McKay


Hello Emily:

Ok, i messed up BIG TIME.

I met this fabulous man online we had amazing conversations, deep, philosophical, fun n more. I live on the east coast, he on the

Robert asked to fly to me several times, i said no because i am overweight unlike those girls that go through every bulimia treatment resource known to man, and afraid to tell him that. He's an entertainer.

He called me from JFK Airport telling me he loves me and to meet him (He flew to Italy via NY for vacation) and again i refused to meet him.

The other strange thing is in the interim of his silence another man started writing me asking me if i am alone or dating? Turns out its one of his best friends (steve) - who also asked to meet me in NY!)

My intuition tells me Robert put steve up to this to find out more about me. (Which tells me he is still focused on me, yes or no? ) I have fallen in love with this man and trying to get over my insecurities.

Robert stopped talking to me and not answering my emails (only 3 didn't want to bombard him)



No Name In New York


Dear No Name In New York:

OK, what I'm about to tell you may possibly include some things you don't want to hear, but if you're going to be successful at online dating, I really do hope you'll at least give what I'm about to say some thought.

If you have put accurate pictures on your profile and have interacted via webcam with Robert then your insecurity about your weight is unfounded. If he has a realistic picture of who he's going to meet, then you should get over your insecurity.

On the other hand, if your profile pictures do not represent the current version of you then you have essentially been deceitful.

While it's true that many, many more men prefer curvier women than you'd probably guess, the secret here is to make sure you are attracting the ones with your profile who would be attracted to you in real life.

Portraying yourself accurately in an online profile is an absolute must. Otherwise the entire system breaks down.

Robert is most likely not online to make "pen pals". He's there to actually meet women. When he offered to fly to meet you several times and you refused, that honestly should have been his first clue that you we're concerned about disappointing him.

When he is actually IN New York and hoping to meet you--and you still refuse--what does he have left to go on? I'm sure he was greatly disappointed if not utterly frustrated.

So I'm hard pressed to blame him for not communicating with you further.

Now as far as Steve goes, my first thought is that if he has gone ahead and told you he's Robert's friend then his contact to you is with Robert's blessing.

Notwithstanding that, he must not value his friendship with Robert
much. Either that or there's game-playing going on as you suspect.

But ALL of the above is really of little consequence considering the "big picture".

The heart of the matter is this: Why in the WORLD are you searching for men in Los Angeles when you life in the largest metro area in the United States? (!!!)

It really appears that your insecurity about weight is relegating your online experience to nothing more than e-mail exchanges and perhaps phone conversations that offer you the temporary butterflies of having received attention from men. 

But without the intent of actually meeting anyone, you are only kidding yourself by indulging yourself in such vicarious thrills.

Not only are you deceiving men who could mean well, you are now coming face to face with the fact that the emotions you begin to feel are very real.

And all you've done is set yourself up for heartbreak. It's as if you've "painted yourself into a corner" as the saying goes.

My encouragement to you is very simple. Simple, but perhaps not easy.

Boldly represent yourself as accurately as you can in your profile.

Take brand new pictures of yourself dressed as stylishly as you can, indoors in a naturally-lit environment.

Be sure to smile your warmest and most confident smile. Think of yourself as a celebrity posing for your "autograph picture" to be signed and handed out to your adoring fans.

And then, agree to trust that the men you attract genuinely want to meet you. And trust yourself to have the courage to meet those men in person. And please...stick to the New York metro area (or the Tri-State area, at least).

One more very important step.

If you really do believe that you are not the best version of yourself to attract a man, make a decision RIGHT NOW to become that person.

Do not be passive about this, but instead take control of your life, your health and your future happiness. This is how you begin to deserve what you want and attract the kind of man you dream of...for real this time.

Have Fun,

Emily McKay


Getting e-mails like the one highlighted in today's newsletter reminds me of how COMPLICATED online dating can get if we allow it to be.

But I promise you that it doesn't have to be like that.

One of the ways I've made Click With Him extra special for you is by including TONS of secrets on how to become the absolute ultimate version of YOU that you can be.

In other words, I show you very practical ways you can really, truly become the woman who men are attracted to immediately and want to commit to after getting to know better.

And since I've personally lived through lots of dating frustration myself, I wrapped it all with PLENTY of encouragement.

Truly, there's nothing I want more than for YOU to experience the incredible fulfillment of ACTUALLY MEETING a great man, Vanessa ...and having him be THRILLED that he did so!

If you haven't yet read about Click With Him, now is the time:

Click With Him

In fact, if you've experienced any kind of frustration at all with online dating I'm ready to help YOU succeed.

And if you just need that extra boost to help you actually try online dating for the first time? Then you'll be amazed by how easy I can help make a great online dating experience happen for you.

From there, I'll open the gate to the entire Member's Area for you...
including all TWELVE HOURS of audio and video, plus ALL THE BONUSES.

Here's that link again:

Click With Him

Isn't it time for you to discover the 21st century way to meet great men?

I'll be writing to you again soon.

Have Fun,

Emily McKay

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