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Hi Emily,

I met a man whose wife left him and is in the process of being divorced. We had 6 great dates. We were very attracted to each other and we had physical relations on some of the dates.

Then one day I freaked out a little cause he hadn't even filed for divorce yet (he has now).

And I told him I couldn't do this any more. So we talked and he said he just wanted a friend and nothing serious. He's not ready yet. We still keep in touch thru emails and IM and I let him initiate most of the time.

My question is did I scare him away?

I still like him very much but I don't want a pen pal I want to get to know him.

So do I contact him and talk to him about how I feel?

Trina (Scottsdale, AZ)

=====Emily McKay's Reply========

Thanks for writing to me, Trina.

I suppose I should have become used to getting e-mails similar to yours by now. But in my heart I feel I really never, ever will.

Why soooo many women allow themselves to get involved with men who are inherently unavailable to them is beyond me.

Here's the way it is. And know ahead of time that this isn't going to be the easiest thing in the world for you to hear. But I'm simply the messenger--the truth here really is rather clear.

When a man is "separated" or by any other description NOT divorced yet, he is A MARRIED MAN.

What's more, many times you really can drop the "yet" part from that last statement.

When there is no official divorce record, you are fully dependent upon someone's word that he or she really has broken up with his or her partner.

Notice that I wasn't gender-specific there. Truly both men and women can experience what you're seeing in this situation.

But if you are dating a man who claims that his marriage is through, but has nothing to prove that with, then the reality is that just about anything could be going on. And almost anything could happen as a result.

Even if you know for a fact that his wife has picked up and moved to another city to be with some other guy she left him for, reconciliation is always a possibility--made easy by the lack of any formal severance to the relationship.

As you've found out, the man you are with was willing to sleep with you, but never quite got around to getting his divorce filed.

This is a major red flag as I see it.

If his wife "left him", but no divorce has been filed for, it's likely that one or both spouses is indeed reserving some hope of reconciliation.

The possibility of legal tangles, etc. exists...but I wouldn't rely on that explanation.

Besides, the fact that he wasn't forthright in telling you EXACTLY what his status was portends that he has had good reason to hide it from you all along.

Dating a man who is recently divorced brings about enough challenges with regard to being "ready" for another serious relationship so soon.

And dating a man who isn't *even* divorced is the very definition of "complicated".

For all you know, based on the information you've shared, this guy could be going home and sleeping in the same bed with his wife. What's really going on is subject to hearsay, and he has already demonstrated that he's willing to withhold info from you.

Further, when you challenged him on all of this, what happened? He gave you the "Just Be Friends" talk.

This is further indication that he was interested in a hot fling, perhaps because he felt he could get away with it and it was "now or never" given that his separation from his wife is even factual.

Unfortunately Trina, I'm not sure "how you feel" is going to change anything.

I am, however, pretty sure you didn't exactly "scare him away".

His status is what it is, and what he wants out of life right now is also plain to see. If you are looking for something stable for the long-term that neither what he is looking for nor READY for.

Why allow yourself to become even more emotionally drawn in by a man who has no ability to commit to you right now anyway? From the looks of things, he has now gone so far as to clearly state that he's not interested in that sort of thing anyway...were it even logistically possible.

That all adds up to danger ahead if you choose to remain involved.

We as women MUST learn that when men tell us they don't want a commitment or anything serious, they mean it.

There are over six billion people on Earth, and lots of them are men.

Must you really select a man who is not only emotionally unavailable but LITERALLY unavailable?

Avoid the drama and the heartbreak and position yourself to meet men who are ready to meet you...and who know what it means to build a great relationship on communication and mutual trust ALONG WITH the fireworks!

Have Fun,

Emily McKay


Does any part or Trina's predicament sound familiar to you?

Let me tell you...it's time for women everywhere to JUST SAY NO to empty promises and unlikely hopes.

Is it romantic and fun to believe in fairy tales? Of COURSE it is.

And allow me to be the first to encourage you in finding your very own Prince Charming.

Keep in mind, however, what the plain facts are: 1) In order to "live happily ever after" you have to have the RIGHT man in your life, and 2) you've just GOT to have a clear sense of what you want from a man and how to make it happen.

I can't think of a better way to get on the right track to having a blissful relationship with a great man than to read the Women's Edition of Scot's book Deserve What You Want.

In it, you'll discover how to put aside all the obstacles of the past, how to know what you want in a man, how to get yourself ready to meet him (it's not hard--I promise) and YES...how to meet him!

You're going to absolutely love Scot's transparent and friendly writing style. He talks about real truth with a compassion that I still find amazing.

He and I both have had to recover from devastating heartbreak in order to get to where we were ready to meet each other and live the happy life we do now.

And I know he shares my passion for helping you rise from the ashes of disappointment and heartache and find REAL happiness.

Find out more here:


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Take care, and I'll type atcha again really soon!

Have Fun,

Emily McKay

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