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Now that we’ve touched on some of the details on developing natural and lasting attraction with men, there’s an essential idea in attracting a man that TONS of women don’t seem to get—and it keeps these women from further developing their relationship to the commitment stage. These women seem to get stuck repeating the same situation over and over again, and can’t bring things to a deeper emotional level with a man, and although they’re attractive, great to be with, the women can’t understand why they can’t seem to attract men.

Well, here’s the reason why…

There’s something that certain sensual and physically attractive women do that fosters a negative situation with a man. This occurs when a woman involves herself with a man who has little or no real intention of connecting with her in an emotional or long-term level. I touched on this a little in the “Casual Girl or Relationship Material?” section in Chapter 1 of my ebook, but it’s important enough to talk about it again in this context.

If you’ve been paying attention in life, you know that things often come easy to physically attractive women. And it’s especially true when it comes to meeting men. No big discovery there, right? But here's the thing I find fascinating…

The women I know who are physically attractive usually have a HARDER time finding a good guy to settle down with them in comparison to the women I know who don't have men ogling them all the time.

In other words, the women I know who aren't approached by men as often are usually better at identifying good men from bad men. And they're better at creating the right environment and situation for a future relationship.

What's going on here? It seems kind of backwards.

I've been thinking more about this lately and I've started to recognize a pattern. For women who are physically attractive, in a strange way, being attractive becomes the very thing that holds them back from learning how to create the kind of natural and lasting attraction that goes beyond just how good they look.

Let me explain…

Some women are able to trigger a man’s "caveman response", so they think that this is what works. And anything else that might go wrong between her and the man afterwards is some totally unrelated problem.

But here’s the thing… Sure, triggering a man's physical interest is a relatively easy way to go about it. Men, being the predictable animals they can be, usually respond to what the woman is doing. But here's the tricky part about some men. When a man responds to physical attraction, it can lead women into thinking that they're going about getting close to him in the right way.

However, the ultimate outcome isn't anything near what the woman was aiming for in her love.

And instead of falling in love with her the way she would have wanted him to, the "caveman" just falls “in lust” and doesn't develop any real connection or desire beyond the physical, which means that he has no desire for a long-term relationship with her.

In other words, he has a lot of the Physical Attraction for her, but little or none of the Emotional or Intellectual Attraction. And since the beautiful woman has never really had to work too hard to get a man to ask her on a date, she has never really had to develop those other, non- appearance sort of attractors.

So in this situation, tension and trouble starts to build and it becomes painfully obvious that he's not ready for anything more serious because he doesn't share the same deep feelings for her as she does for him.

If you want to make the right start, enticing a man through physical attraction, while it works, is the wrong way to try and set a foundation for the future with a man.

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