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Dating Tips for women- as single women, we all need some great dating advice from time to time, The beauty of the internet is that you donít have to announce to everyone that you are seeking some help in the arena!

Seriously though, you are not alone. Did you know that over 20 thousand people search the internet for dating tips and dating advice every single month? There are a lot of people out there looking for a little relationship help, just like you. We all need dating advice on where to meet men, being single, online dating, meeting men in bars and clubs and generally how to approach different dating situations. Here you will find it all.

The purpose of You Can Get The Guy, though, is not to try to cater to the masses. This dating site has dating tips and dating advice for women only. Letís face it ladies, as single women, we need a hand up every once in a while.

I am sure that you, like SO many other women, are wondering just why in the blue blazes dating is so dang HARD.  I mean come on, you're a catch, right?  Youíre sweet. Youíre fun. Youíre attractive. Youíre successful. You have a lot of friends....

You figure, as you SHOULD,  that with all your awesome qualities, dating should be a piece of cake. Except thatís not how itís worked out. The only attractive guys you meet in real life are married, or in a relationship of some sort.  The only people contacting you online when you try online dating seem to be on parole or one step from the grave. 

There has to be some better dating options out there, right? 

ABSOLUTELY.  The thing is - if you want to succeed at dating, then you have to learn a little bit about it first - just like anything else.  So - here you are, researching dating advice for women.

So - congratulate yourself.  First of all, you have taken a huge step in looking for some help.  Second of all - you are at the RIGHT place - as this site is all about dating advice for women, and women only.

Keep in mind that I am adding to my site every week, so there will be whole new sections here all the time. Bookmark me! Read on for more articles and free dating advice, and feel free to subscribe to my email list or follow me on Twitter



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