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The Have The Relationship You Want Ebook
Have The Relationship You Want eBook

Rori’s ebook, Have The Relationship You Want, is a step-by-step guide to transforming your love life overnight. Rori has distilled concepts and techniques from many psychological and spiritual modalities into a simple-to-follow series of Tools that get almost instant results with men.

The book is broken into The 5 Keys To A Great Relationship, with each Key and its Tools building on the last. A woman will learn How To:

**Bring a man close by shifting the “Energy Exchange” in every relationship or encounter with a man;

**Talk so he’ll hear and listen so he’ll talk;

**Stop Overfunctioning (doing too much) in a relationship;

**What “feminine energy” really is, how to tap into it and use it to turn your relationships around almost instantly;

**How to Find and Put Words to Feelings in a way that will draw a man in close.

Rori is a trained relationship coach who teaches her readers the simple, easy-to-do and amazingly fast and effective Tools she developed to turn her own miserable, empty love life into the glorious, decades-long marriage she has now.

How is Rori different than any other relationship coaches on the market today? For one, Rori truly cares about each and every one of her readers: By sharing her own experiences – both the humiliating and wonderful ones - it’s her mission to spare every woman she reaches the trial-and-error she went through. Her writing voice is warm, understanding, caring, encouraging, cheerleading, supportive, personal, honest and straight forward. Her readers see her as best friend and fairy godmother, with a we’re-in-this-together attitude. She takes specific, scenario-driven situations that almost all women find themselves in with men, and solves them both practically - with specific things to say and do - and in an easily understood format.

Many women seeking Rori Raye's relationship advice find her to be a warm and caring voice that they learn to follow by second nature, bringing success and harmony to relationships that most individuals would say were doomed to failure.  Rori's soft and feminine approach appeals to many women, and very importantly - also appeals to the men that are in the relationships she is trying to help!  many experts attribute Rori's success with Have the Relationship You Want to this factor.

Conscious Television-Feminine Energy and Relationships-Rori Raye - kewego - Conscious TV on the Internet-'A BraveHeart View' panel discusses how to make Feminine Energy Work for you in your relationships with relationship expert Rori Raye.


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